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MJ872 from £89.95

MJ880 from £99.95    

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For bright LED bike lights this winter, look no further!

Welcome to MagicshineGB where we offer fantastic products at reasonable prices and pride ourselves on brilliant customer service and support.

MagicshineGB was borne of a passion for biking that is bone deep. The thrill that comes from riding hard through the woods at night is unbeatable, but crashing headlong into the trees dampens the excitement somewhat. And so Magicshine GB was created; with these lights you can get the thrill and avoid the crash!

“The strength of beam these lights throw out is incredible. My personal favourite combo is a MJ-872 mounted on the handlebars giving a wide spread of light and a powerful MJ-880 helmet-mounted giving me a focused beam of light in the direction I am looking.”

Stephen, MagicshineGB

At MagicshineGB all of our lights come with a 12 month warranty, and if your order before 3pm we will despatch on the same day.